Being a strategic partner oriented toward excellence, presence and complicity


The development of our company depends on respect, integrity and the willingness of the people who work there to want to gain the trust of others. Every human relationship stems from commitments, individual or collective, which begin with respect.

“To all those with whom we deal”


To remain competitive, we must be at the forefront both technologically and in our way of doing things. We strive for excellence in everything we do, demonstrating initiative and flexibility, putting innovation and optimization at the forefront in our business development.

“To be at the leading edge”


The success of our business lies in our people and teamwork. Mutual assistance between departments and between colleagues, working together and developing our cohesion, promoting the achievement of collective objectives by using the synergy of our strengths.

“To succeed together”


We care about the quality of our services and we all work together to deliver an unparalleled customer experience and be the best in our field. Customer satisfaction at Transport Hervé Lemieux is a priority

 “Concerned about the quality of our services”